What Running Does For Me

After talking with someone today about my life issues, he encouraged me to keep up with running, even if life craziness tries to interfere.  He told me he’d been running virtually every day since he was 13, and that he can’t even begin to describe what running has done for him.

I don’t need to be convinced.  Now, more than ever, I need my running.  When everything else in my life seems uncertain, I love the certainty of lacing up my shoes, hitting the roads and just running.

What running does for me:

  • it inspires me
  • it comforts me
  • it motivates me
  • it allows me to escape from the world
  • it allows me to sort out my thoughts
  • it keeps me physically fit
  • it keeps me mentally sane
  • it keeps me emotionally stable
  • it allows me an outlet to release my stress
  • it brings me peace
  • it allows me to eat an extra cookie, or three, without feeling guilty
  • it gives me my much needed “me time”
  • it is my therapy (but cheaper!)
  • it allows me to dream
  • it makes me more patient, less crabby and better able to deal with life and all that it throws at me
  • it makes me strong
  • it provides a social outlet for me
  • it gives me something to look forward to each night when I shut my eyes
  • it gives me a reason to jump out of bed at 4:30, instead of pressing snooze
  • it puts a smile on my face

What does running do for you?

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