Darn Tough

Although “Darn Tough” could aptly describe any number of things about this week, since this is a running blog, I’ll limit myself to describing my awesome new Darn Tough running socks.  I’ve always been a Smart Wool kind of girl, mostly because I didn’t know any other option really existed for winter running.  Well, another option exists!  Darn Tough is a company in Vermont that makes socks that they tout as “The Premium All Weather Performance Sock”.  I was talked into buying a pair when I was buying all that crazy ski stuff.  The salesman said he tried them last year and never went back to Smart Wool.  He also said that they have a lifetime guarantee.  Like for anything that would go wrong with the sock.  Even if I run so many miles all winter long that a hole starts to rub through in the heel (like has happened to one of my Smart Wool pairs)?  Apparently!

So, since the temp was 18 and the windchill was 6 when I woke up this morning, I decided it was the perfect time to try my new CUTE Darn Tough running socks.

My first thought when I put them on was OMG this are SO warm and cushion like, I don’t even want to run, I just want to be warm and cuddly by the fire with a book.  But, the roads were calling me, so off I went.  And they were awesome!  Kept my feet warm.  Comfortable.  No blisters.  And I loved the cushion.

My only complaint is that the ones I have are only 1/4 socks.  In Minnesota winters, I need 3/4 socks or knee highs.  I looked on their website and it says they have a 3/4 running sock, but it’s mesh and not the cushion.  Might have to try that or contact them and tell them they need to make a knee high cushion running sock!  Although it looks like they make knee highs, and they also make skiing over the calf socks.  I wonder if those also work for running?  Looks like I know what I’m adding to my Christmas list!

Anyone else try Darn Tough running socks?  What did you think?


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  1. I’m going to get a pair or two, you make them sound sooooo comfy! I also need/like a higher sock in cooler weather, though. I wonder how their hiking socks would work, they have crew length in those? I only have one pair of winter “running” (yep, just walking still) socks but I haven’t been out in crazy cold weather yet here, just teens. I have been spending insane amounts of money at REI getting organized for cool weather exercise!

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