44 is the number of the day.  Not 44 miles, 44 Toys For Tots boxes!

There’s a law office behind those boxes somewhere!

I spent my morning putting together 44 drop boxes (and taping signs on them) for the Toys For Tots collection which begins this week.  Thankfully I’m out of the office for the earlier part of the week and then the boxes will be picked up Wednesday so I can have my law office back!  SO much to do for this TFT stuff, but it’s fun and it’s already worth it when people write on their applications how thankful they are that we are able to provide toys for their kids for Christmas.  No matter how stressful and crazy my life sometimes seems, it really isn’t so bad compared to others who have MUCH more to worry about than I do.


In other exciting news, I did my first double digit run this morning since Twin Cities.  10 miles at about 8:30 pace.  I think.  Garmin was dead so I ran naked this morning (that ought to bring in more sickos to my blog when they search naked running; Sorry to disappoint.  No photos here, move on.).  It actually felt good to run without checking garmin.  Gave me freedom to just be.

Wrapped the week up with 33.5 miles and pilates 2 times.   Also brought back the tempo run and some slowish, short intervals.

  • M: 5.1 miles (8:57)
  • T: 6.2 miles (8:28) w/ 3 miles at tempo (7:45)
  • W:  rest
  • Th: 7 miles (8:36)
  • F: 5.2 miles (w/ 5 x 400m)
  • S: pilates abs
  • Su: 10 miles (8:30); pilates advanced

I feel energized and positive about the direction my running is heading again.


Have people picked their Spring Marathon yet?  I know Chris is doing Lansing Marathon, Mindi is doing Wisconsin Marathon, Kristy is doing Boston (Lucky!!).  What are others doing?

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