Meg did it!

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • Hard work and dedication really pay off.  Meg’s goal was to letter in cross country this year (8th grade).  Tonight, she did it!  I am so proud of Meghan and all her hard work.
  • My Apple-A-Day (to keep the crabbiness away) is DEFINITELY running.  Started my day off with 7 fabulous miles and it made such a difference in my mindset compared to my crabby day yesterday.
  • Sometimes talking through things, instead of keeping them in your head, provides perspective, clarity and a push in the right direction.
  • Running headlamps aren’t just for running;  They come in handy when the power goes out and the emergency flashlight kit that you purchased just for such an occasion can’t be found anywhere!

Excuse the funky hair, I couldn’t see!

4 thoughts on “Meg did it!

  1. Way to go Meg!
    You need to swap out the headlamp for knuckle lights…they are awesome!
    When I don’t run in the morning, I’m not pleasant. Endorphins keep the crabbiness at a low level!

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