Oh Crappy Day!

Not to be confused with Oh Happy Day, which was a glorious day filled with heavenly gingerbread.

Today started out crappy and just continued to get crappier and crappier.  I won’t bore you with the details, suffice it to say that the day was not my own, but was instead filled with answering to the demands and time constraints of others.

Coincidence that I skipped my morning run and the day ended up crappy?  I think not.

Thankfully, tomorrow is not only a new day, where I WILL get my morning run in, but it is also Caribou gingerbread release day (for sure this time!).


Oh, did you all see that my BFF Adam is injured and officially retired from elite running today?  Love his positive attitude.  (And makes me think my day really wasn’t so crappy after all).

6 thoughts on “Oh Crappy Day!

  1. Ha, yesterday did suck, a lot! I could barely move and had to deal with a meanie jerk person all day yesterday which got me all riled up. Ugh. Mean people suck, not running also sucks.

    Today will be better!

    I am going to sample your true love at some point. There are only a handful of Caribous in CO, none near us BUT there is one right next to my PT in Westminster. I reward myself after every PT with a latte and I’m going to try out your gingerbread next week! (I used to only reward myself with a fancy coffee and scone after a good race, now I just figure getting my glute to contract is reason enough, yay!)

    1. Yes, Mean People suck!

      Let me know how the gingerbread is there. Sometimes their baked goods are different in diff states. Otherwise you can try it when you come to Minnesota, we can meet for coffee and gingerbread! When are you coming?

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