Tempo Tuesday is Back!

Tempo Tuesday has returned!  I’m finally feeling recovered enough from Twin Cities (and sluggish enough from all my food/drink intake) that I felt I could mix in some speedy stuff.  So I decided to do 10 minutes of tempo, thinking that my tempo would be around 8:00 pace.   Happy to report that I ended up doing more (3 miles: 7:51, 7:45, 7:41) and it felt great.  I did it based on tempo “feel” without looking at garmin during each mile.  Woot!  Maybe I haven’t lost all the speediness after all.  Ended up with 6.4 miles, with 3 at tempo.  Love starting the workday with a good sweat!


In other news, apparently the gingerbread yesterday was a fluke.  😦  When I tried to order it today, they told me it wasn’t out yet and wouldn’t be out til Thursday.  I told them they were mistaken, that I had eaten a piece yesterday and that I had photographic proof on my blog that it, in fact, exists!  The lady sheepishly told me that what I ate yesterday was meant to be a preview sample for the employees, and it had accidently been put out for sale.  I seriously almost started crying when I had to settle for a blueberry muffin.  The kids were with me and were embarrassed by my efforts to try to get gingerbread today (I told the employee she should go check in the back room and make sure there wasn’t anymore hidden back there!)  SO – Thursday is the big day.  You can be sure that I’ll be the first one in line at Caribou and that I’m going to stock up on a few pieces, in case they try to pull this same stuff on Friday!

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