Yesterday was filled with shopping for Meg’s new winter sport:  Nordic skiing!  I took her to Gear West to be fitted for skis and everything the workers said was SO foreign to me (and to Meg).  The terminology went way over my head.  The only thing I understood was the dollar signs racking up!  We walked away with new skate skis,  classic skis,  combi-boots, poles (2 kinds),  ski carrying bag and cold weather gear.  And just so Meg wasn’t the only one with new stuff, I walked away with a new pink and black (of course!) winter running hat for myself!  Meghan is super excited about being on the cross country ski team, since almost all the people from the cross country running team are on it and she loved the season with them.  It’s an expensive sport, but will be worth it to see her active and happy!

Now we just need snow so she can actually try the skis out and see if she likes skiing!


In running news, I finally had a decent mileage week.  Finished with 38.1 miles, with a little bit of speedy stuff mixed in on one day.  Hoping that this week will be a little higher mileage with my “long” run being at least 10 miles.

Happy Monday!

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