Oh Happy Day!

Today was the day I’ve been eagerly anticipating, literally, for weeks! Caribou gingerbread release day!  Oh Happy Day!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been asking every day at the local Caribou when the gingerbread would be coming out for the fall/christmas season.   Last week they told me it would be on November 10th.  So you can imagine HOW excited I was when I walked in to Caribou today and saw this:

Yum!  I LOVE this stuff.  Love gingerbread and love love love the frosting!  This stuff seriously puts me in an instant good mood and a huge smile on my face.  How many days are there from now til Christmas?  47?  There is a good chance I’ll eat at least 40 pieces of this stuff before then.  Maybe  more.


In other exciting running news, Meg’s class had a timed mile in gym today.  She was the fastest girl, second fasted kid overall, with a 6:14!  I KNOW I couldn’t run that fast now. Even pre-TCM I think I would have been around 6:20.  She is so pumped about how fast she went!

2 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!

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