A pull up! (sort of)

Remember back in April when I couldn’t pull myself up, or even hang for more than a second or two?

Well  look what I did today, on the same tree!

Ready?  Go!

It helps to kick my legs forward and hoist up!

Almost there!


It wasn’t pretty.  I had to leap up and then do a funky thing with throwing my legs out in front of me to hoist my body weight up, but I could pull up and then hold it for like 5 seconds.  But then I had to drop to the ground and rest.  Couldn’t pull my body back up.  Although after resting for a couple minutes, I was able to repeat this three times!  Woot!  Improvement.  You are hearing it hear first, but I’m making it my goal to be able to do THREE real chin ups on this tree next May.  Stay tuned!


Had my first speed session since TCM this morning.  (Besides the 5k last week, which really was more of a tempo pace).  Did 7 miles with 2 x 800m, 4 x 400m and then 1 mile of 100m fast, 100m slow, repeat.  It is AMAZING how fast you lose your speediness when you eat crappy food, drink too much wine and sleep in instead of working out take a break from doing any sort of speedwork.  My paces were SO slow compared to where I was at pre-Twin Cities.  But, I have to say, it felt like a REAL workout instead of just chugging along like I have been lately.  I’m hoping to incorporate a tempo or intervals once a week now until Lansing training kicks off.

Relaxing with some wine after my pull up!

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