Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  Bring on the weekend!

Good news:  the back felt ok yesterday morning, so I got out for just under 7 miles.  I kept it really slow (9:41), but was ok with that because I was just SO happy to be able to start my day off with a run.  The back still randomly felt weird during the day, when I would move a certain way.  But not terrible.  I’ll watch it and continue to baby it, but I’m sure it will be fine.


What’s more fun than shopping?  Shopping with someone else’s money! We did shopping trip #1 for Toys For Tots last night.  It took us just over an hour to spend $4,000.00 at Toys R Us, with the money that Toys R Us donated to our local TFT campaign.  I had several local high school students helping me because we were shopping for older kid toys (and newborns) because those are the toys that don’t get donated as much in the drop boxes.  It was SO fun to watch the students act silly and pick out toys.  And, it is harder than you would think to spend $4,000 at once on toys!  We had 18 shopping carts full of toys!  Super fun!


A BIG shout out to my stalker faithful blog reader Tina (who should start blogging herself, by the way!) who is running New York City Marathon this weekend.  She just ran Twin Cities a month ago and she’s already back at it!  Good luck Tina!


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