No, that’s not my back.  I’m squishier.  🙂  And how would I take that photo??  I’m sure this image will bring in the creepers though.  Speaking of creepers, “naked running photo”, “sexy feet” and “Applebee’s Cheeseburger” are searches that brought creepers to my blog this week.  WTF?

Out of NOWHERE today my back got a crazy pain in it and has been bothering me ever since.  I wasn’t doing anything particularly strenuous (carrying a small box, which I picked up from a desk, so it’s not like I lifted improperly) or like I tripped over anything, so WTF?  I just sort of stepped wrong and my left leg buckled and my lower back has hurt ever since.

Uggggg. Was planning on doing SPEED work with the group tomorrow, but now I’ll just play it safe and take the day off or run really easy by myself.  I’m sure it will be ok, but it just made me realize how thankful I should be when things are normal/good because in an instant they can change.  And YOU should all be crossing your fingers that this doesn’t amount to anything, because if I can’t run I will have to take my crabiness out on someone and it will likely be you, my faithful blog readers!  (Better to be crabby to my imaginary friends than my real life family/friends!)

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “WTF?

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  2. Haha…I get gross searches that land on my blog, too! After Boston and my typing about getting my temp taken and wearing bun huggers all of sudden there were searches for “naked rectal temp photo” and crap related to that ALL THE TIME. OMG, what in the hell are people looking for?

    I hope your back feels good enough to run soon! If not, come to Colorado and we can feel sorry for ourselves together…at least I feel good enough to have some wine again! That helps 🙂

  3. I hope it feels better soon! Is it on one side more than the other? When i was in college, I woke up for morning practice (swimming) and I went to put on my sweat pants and once I lifted one leg off the ground to put my foot in, I dropped to the ground in agony and had to crawl back into bed. When I went to the trainers they said my hips were slightly out of line and they did some stretches and moved it back into place. But MAN was it painful. Could this be the same for you??

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