Lessons From Dove Chocolate

Things I learned about Dove Chocolate today:

  • Eating Nine of the milk chocolate caramel Dove squares in a row is not a good idea.  They are not meant to be eaten like potato chips.  Blah.
  • Their messages, though fun and inspirational and thought-provoking, are not meant to be fortune tellers.

I LOVE Dove chocolate.  I buy it for work and keep a dish of it on the conference room table.  When I was by myself (i.e. no staff), I would lock the conference room door, so that I wouldn’t be tempted to grab a chocolate when I walked by.  (FYI, I didn’t work.  I would just go back to my office and get the key to the conference room and then eat a chocolate.  Multiple times an hour a day.)  My favorite are the dark chocolate (because I convince myself that the antioxidants are actually GOOD for me) and the milk chocolate caramel (they are like what I imagine crack is like).

Anyway, today after I realized that my back was (hopefully temporarily) screwed and that I couldn’t run, I got irritable.  So I ate a Dove Milk Chocolate Caramel.  And another.  And another.  And another.  Until the next thing I knew, I had eaten 9 of them.  In a row.  Uggggg.  Sounded (tasted) good at the time, but within minutes of popping that 9th one in my mouth I felt queasy and my head felt dizzy.  Sugar high.

Anyway, another reason I love Dove is that the messages on the foil wrappers are so fun.  The message on my 8th Dove today said, “Live Out Your Dreams.”  Excellent!  I was convinced that meant I should quit my job, relocate somewhere exciting and run all day long.  Now THAT would be my dream!  But the message on my 9th Dove today brought me back to reality with “You Are Exactly Where You Belong.”

SO – moral of today’s posts:  1) Run in the morning (I skipped mine, thinking I’d do it tonight while the kids were at confirmation) because you never know if your back will suddenly go out; 2) Don’t binge on Dove chocolates; 3) Don’t put in your 2 week notice based on a Dove chocolate.

4 thoughts on “Lessons From Dove Chocolate

  1. Oh, DOVE is my favorite!!

    The messages for the day are great 🙂
    Sorry about your back. Hope that feels better soon. Back pain is NEVER any fun. 😦

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