Running 26 miles, but unfit!

We joined a local health club today (Lifetime).  As part of it they do a 10 minute fitness assessment for each of us.  They tried to get us to commit to a time this week to do it.  I told them I’d have to check our schedule and get back to them.

I won’t be getting back to them.

They make you do push-ups, flexibility and walk/run on a treadmill for 5 minutes.  I could probably do 5 push-ups, max, right now and my form is ridiculous looking.  Flexibility?  I can’t even sit up straight, let alone bend forward and attempt to touch my feet while sitting.  Like Meghan told me, “Just because you can run 26 miles doesn’t mean you’re fit mom.”  Thanks for reminding me, Meg!  Then she proceeded to tell me that I should just practice a few minutes of flexibility each night, along with a couple push ups, and I would be surprised how quickly I get in shape.  Where did she get so smart???

Outside of group fitness classes, the only thing that sounds worse is a personal assessment where the trainer will undoubtedly be laughing at how UNFIT I am!  I know I should get over my fear of group fitness classes and this personal assessment and get it done.  I KNOW there are areas that I could improve my overall fitness and they would likely also improve my running.  But it’s embarrassing.

Stay tuned and see if the kids talk me into doing the personal fitness assessment!

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