Halloween Hustle 5k: Winners!

Super fun morning with Meghan and Mom at the Halloween Hustle 5k (sponsored by Meg’s CC team).  I dropped Meg off early (she was volunteering), then went home and changed into a costume.  Didn’t tell her I’d be dressing up.  I think she was embarrassed!  🙂

Grandma Dory (my mom) did her first 5k at age 69!  She “trained” for it yesterday by running 3 minutes during her normal 3 mile walk.  She walked most of it today, but had a great time and took the medal in her age group (female 60 – 69).  Nevermind that she was the only one in the age group.  She won!  And wore the medal proudly afterwards!

I won Best Costume!  No surprise when it’s high school boys judging.  And when not that many people actually dressed up!  Though I have to say this I Dream of Jeannie costume was much sexier 10 years ago when I had abs and without my running shirt, tights and garmin with it! Scored a cute pink Brooks tech shirt.

My time was 24:37, which is definitely not a PR, but I was happy considering this is a hilly tough course and I haven’t done any speedy stuff since Twin Cities.

Meg and her friend Mackenzie dressed up as scally-wag pirates!

A beautiful day for a 5k fundraiser!  Now it’s time to bond a bit more with Meg with some shopping at the mall!

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