Goals accomplished!

Does running around like a chicken with its head cut off count as a workout?  No?  Ok, then I guess I didn’t run today.  BUT, I checked a million and one things off my to-do list.

And, as the best bonus of the day, court ended early so I was able to hightail it 50 miles away to Meg’s cross country section finals.  I was SO disappointed when I thought I wouldn’t be able to go because of court.  She has worked so hard this summer and fall and today was a big day for her and I wanted to be there more than anything.   She has wanted to run varsity (she’s in 8th grade) so badly.  They picked 7 girls and she was one of them.  So I was super happy to make it to the meet (just barely!  And super out of place in my suit and heels on the cross country course!).  She had been so nervous the past couple days.  I think she was happy/surprised to see me there.  She rocked it!  Her goal all season has been a sub-18:00 (it’s a 4k race).   She had previously done 18:10.  Well today she gave it everything she had, plus some and ended up with a 17:48 (7:09 pace).  So fun to see her accomplish her goals!

Holy crap the lead girl was FAST!  Apparently she is #1 in the State.  Her time was 13:36 (5:28 pace).  Dang!


In other running news, Coach MB gave us a pre-Boston base building plan.  (I wonder if it’s gonna irritate me to get the “Boston Training” emails when I’m not actually training for Boston?)


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