Fighting with myself!

Ever fight with yourself?  Who wins?

Here is what went on in my head on the drive home:

Overwhelmed-Crazy-Day Me:  I need to run.

Sensible Me:  You can’t run, you are single-parenting tonight.   There is no time to run! You have to get the kids to AND from choir and confirmation, at different times, in different directions.  You have to feed and walk Norah.  You have to finish writing your closing argument.  You have to tackle the mountain of post-vacation laundry.  You have to pay a stack of bills.  You have to finish your crazy long Toys For Tots to-do list.  Plus, you already ran ultra-early this morning.  There is no time to run.

Overwhelmed-Crazy-Day Me:  I need to run.

Guess which Me won out?

(And, for the record, it’s impossible to out run your craziness.  It’ll still be there waiting for you when you get back.  But damn, it feels good to try!)

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