Chicago vs. Twin Cities!

Interesting:  Looks like Chicago Marathon and Twin Cities Marathon will be the same day next year.  Sunday October 7, 2012.  They are usually at least a week or so apart.  I was thinking of doing Chicago next year because most of the people from my training group are running it, but I was hoping to run the Twin Cities 10 mile or spectate at Twin Cities.  Guess that part won’t work out.   But I think Chicago will still be my fall marathon.  Stay tuned!


And in other exciting news, I ran 7 miles at 4:30 this morning at a brisk pace!  Although I LOVE vacation, I am a big creature of routine and I love being back into my normal running, eating and (not) drinking routine!

One thought on “Chicago vs. Twin Cities!

  1. Twin Cities was a great race (as you know…better than I do!), but I do love Chicago! The crowds are great….definitely different from TCM because Chicago is a bigger city, but I love it. (I might be biased.) Highly recommended!

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