Wine Country Recap!

I’m back!  I survived our trip to San Francisco and wine country with our good friends Amy and David.

Pretty sure Detox has my number and is on the way to get me, so if I don’t post for awhile, you know why.  There was so much to see and do.  Lots of beautiful views.  Great food and good friends.

San Francisco/Wine County numbers:

Breweries visited: 2 (Santa Rosa, which features some of the top beers in the USA!; after full day of drinking wine.  Yikes!)

Bars visited:  Too many to count

Wineries visited: 10

Bottles of wine purchased: 16 (only 14 made it home with us, because for some reason we felt like after a full day of drinking, we needed to open up MORE wine for the bus ride home!)

Wine clubs joined:  2 (which means 14 more bottles of wine shipped to us this year!

Miles run: 6  (4 in San Francisco; 1 in Sonoma; 1 in Sonoma; The afore-mentioned massive amounts of wine consumed interfered with running. Catching some extra zzzzz’s sounded WAY more appealing than logging miles!  I figured 10 minutes of running was better than no running.)

New friends made:  a bunch!  Ended up meeting 3 gals from Chicago on one of our tours who have a “book club” where they mostly just drink wine.  They let me and Amy be honorary members and are gonna Skype us in to their next “book club” meeting and we may even surprise them with a visit to Chicago for some wine drinking book club discussion!  On one of our tours we also ended up meeting a couple that literally lives 10 minutes from us.  Crazy small world!

5 thoughts on “Wine Country Recap!

  1. I LOVE San Fran and Napa. When we were out there for CIM I was so bummed I couldn’t do the whole tourist thing. One of these years!

    I do really want to run the Napa Valley Marathon, maybe I’ll stay for a few days after 🙂

    It sounded like a fun (perhaps too much, haha) trip. Detox, eat well, rest for a few days and get back at it!

    Did you go to Duckhorn? That’s my VERY VERY favorite wine!!!! (I finally feel good enough some nights to have a glass of wine in the evening…I need to pony up and get a bottle of that now that I’m thinking about it)

    1. No, we didn’t try Duckhorn. We’ll have to add that to the list for next time!

      Way fun, but I am way ready to get back to normal and start running again. Gonna shock my system back into running with 6 – 8 miles bright and early tomorrow!

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