Twin Cities Recovery, Week #2

Back at it this week!  Started off not feeling the best (creaky, slow, winded).  Ended the week with some solid faster miles.

Miles: 21.3

Pilates: 2 times.  Ugggg, had hoped for more

Biking: 95 minutes

  • M: Pilates; Bike 45 minutes
  • T: 3 miles (10:00); 1st run 8 days post-marathon (creaky, slow, winded)
  • W: pilates
  • Th: 4 miles (9:12); still not the best feeling
  • F: Bike 50 minutes
  • Sa: 6.1 miles (8:51)
  • Su: 8.2 miles (8:42) w/a hilly, faster 5k loop in middle

This week will start off with cold, windy miles here in Minnesota and end with warm, hungover miles in San Francisco and Wine Country!

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