My Spring Marathon: Lansing Marathon!

That’s right.  My Spring marathon is the Lansing Marathon.

I know what you are thinking.  The what?  The Lansing Marathon?  I’ve never heard of it.

Neither had I.  Until I did some digging around and found it via google and on marathonguide.   April 22, 2012 is the first ever running of the Lansing Marathon.  Yep, you read that right.  It’s an inaugural marathon.  Which normally would make me pause and then likely skip right over it.  But, there were way too many things that were POSITIVE about it and, really, nothing negative about it.   So after thinking things through for a few days, I officially registered today!

So what are the POSITIVES about the Lansing Marathon for me:

  • It’s April 22, 2012, which means I don’t start training til after the holidays. Which means I can pig out on Christmas cookies and drink too many holiday cocktails and not worry about it.  (And give my body a little bit of downtime after training 10 months straight for 3 marathons).
  • It’s April 22, 2012, which means it’s the Sunday after Boston, which means I can train with Coach MB’s Boston training group, which will inspire me, motivate me and make me blazing fast!
  • The course is flat and fast (although as Kara can attest, flat is relative), which means that I have a chance of getting sub-3:40, which will mean that I won’t have to wait til week 2 to register for Boston 2013, which will mean that I will be less stressed, which will mean that you, my faithful blog readers, won’t need to listen to me panic about whether I’m in for 2013 or not.  (Although, as I told my daughter, “I’m already for sure in Boston 2013, but it’s never for sure, for sure, until it’s for sure.”  Make sense?)
  • Even though it seems like inaugural marathons have the potential to be a disaster, this one seems like it will be good because the race director has some experience and seems very committed to making it a decent sized event (5000 marathoners) with elite athletes, a half marathon (7000 runners) and a 5k the day before and the whole ball of wax.
  • It IS a certified course, so it counts for a BQ.  So if  when I get my sub 3:40, it will count for Boston.
  • Lansing is cheap and easy (direct flight!) to get to from the Twin Cities and hotels are cheap (and don’t have the 2 or 3 night minimum lots of cities that host marathons have)
  • Lansing is a city that I NEVER would have picked to go to.  Why is this good, you may be asking yourself?  Because with Spring Marathons, if I picked a place like Napa or Big Sur, The Husband may not be super happy about me going there, without him, for a weekend.  But Lansing, like Little Rock was in March this year  and like Champaign was in April 2010, is not the type of city that is on our Top 10 Places to Vacation list.  So a safe bet to keep me out of hot water with The Husband.

So training officially kicks off last week in December.

Who else is searching for a Spring Marathon?  Register for Lansing Marathon so that I have someone to have a post-race beer, or three, with!

4 thoughts on “My Spring Marathon: Lansing Marathon!

  1. Katie

    You are amazing! When I ran Mankato last year it was the inaugural, and I thought it was a blast! It was very well done. So I’m sure this one will be great!

  2. I’m seriously considering this one, too! It’s personal for me, as I grew up here and would love to run a Marathon in the area. While I won’t qualify for Boston, I do hope to better my time from my first Marathon earlier this month. Best of luck to you while you train!

    1. Hi – I definitely hope you will run Lansing. The course is terrific, and we have training clinics every Wednesday evening at 6 at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, with an emphasis on running-specific strengthening drills (these make you faster and reduce your risk of injury). Please let me know if you have questions about the race.

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