Training for Wine Country (and Twin Cities recovery)

I am, apparently, very lazy disciplined when it comes to recovery and taking time off of running, post-marathon.

Recovery from Twin Cities Marthon PR/BQ, week #1:

Miles run:  ZERO

Cross-training:  power-walked 3 days (i.e. at a pace that got me breathing heavy, not a walking-Norah kind of stroll)

Although, I did walk Norah every day too.

Yes, I’m cute.  I know.

 Days I drank beer at lunch.  On work days. :   2

 Days I drank beer:  7

 Blizzards consumed:  2

 Here’s what the week looked like:

  • M: rest/eat/drink
  • T: rest/eat/drink
  • W: rest/eat/drink
  • Th: 3 mile power walk/eat/drink
  • F: rest/eat/drink
  • Sa: 3 mile power walk/eat/drink
  • Su: pilates; 5 mile power walk/eat/drink
This week I plan on start training for our upcoming trip to Sonoma.
With training for three marathons this year, I’ve really let my wine consumption tolerance lapse.  Must build it up quickly so that I can sample tons-o-wine in Wine Country next week!

Exciting news to come:  I am THIS CLOSE to deciding on a spring marathon.  I think I found a good one!  Stay tuned.

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