I am officially sick of beer, blizzards, and crappy food!  I was going to wait til Monday to get my act together, but watching the Ironman World Championships just inspired me to get back at it, NOW!  So tomorrow I will not consume 5000+ calories, nor will I be a slug and sit on my butt all day!  I’ll still wait a bit to run, but tomorrow I will do SOMETHING!

I searched all night for a marathon, but didn’t find one.  I’m torn between getting right back at it and finding one in early February (Surf City? Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham? Other ideas??), or waiting til a bit later like April/May (Green Bay?  Or maybe low key and very close to home with the Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon?).  I want to be training!

Good luck to Mindi, the other blond running lawyer, at the Chicago Marathon tomorrow!

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