Your mission: Find my race photos!

Got my email notification from Brightroom that my TCM race photos were up.  Here’s what they found of me.  A million finish line photos where I’m in the background and one weird photo where my legs look deformed.

My right thigh looks deformed.

Actually so does my left thigh.

Ummm, where’s the post-race photo that I posed with my medal and my BQ smile??  Not in the link they sent me.

So I just went through like 500 photos  and found it!  (Number 80175–021-024) .

Ignore the wet spots on my chest.  I just ran a marathon.  You’d sweat too!

But I KNOW saw photographers on the race course that took my picture.  Figures they put me in the lost and found during the year that I actually WANT to order pictures for my BQ scrapbook!

SO – if any of you kind followers are bored and up for a challenge, feel free to scroll through the 68,000 lost photos and find me!  And let me know the number if you find any.

3 thoughts on “Your mission: Find my race photos!

  1. Haha – your legs don’t look deformed, they look wicked strong! But I hear you, doncha hate that when there are no race pics. I was just commenting to Brandy last night – hitting a PR AND having great race pics is like having lightning strike! Have fun wading through thousands of photos….. 🙂

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