I need a plan!

It’s that time of the post-marathon recovery phase.  The time where I go CRAZY with not having a plan.  A plan for a major future race and training.   Help me focus on a what to do!

Ideas that are floating around in my head:

1)  A Spring marathon that would be between mid-April and mid-May.  Can’t do it earlier because of trial and vacation plans.  I’m considering St. Louis (mid-April) or Eugene (end of April/beginning of May).  But I’m flexible.  Looking for something with reliably good weather (probably excludes St. Louis?) and where I could improve upon my time.  Because even though I’m probably safe for Boston 2013 with 2 minutes 40 seconds under my BQ time, I’d be more comfortable if I were 5 minutes under so could register the first week. Anyone have Spring marathons on the agenda that I could consider??  And you Boston peeps, keep quiet.  Don’t rub it in!

2) Focusing on half marathons in the late winter/early spring – trying to get my HM time super speedy so that I could potentially get a good corral for Chicago Marathon (which is on my radar for a Fall marathon).  If I do this, I’d just pick local HM’s to race.  There are a ton to choose from.

3) Doing number 2, but also adding in Grandma’s marathon in mid-June.  Part of me doesn’t want to do Grandma’s marathon again because looking back I think I really develop issues with my IT band at Grandma’s because it is point-to-point in basically the same direction the entire way.  I think the camber of the road screws with me because I have had issues both times I did it.  Maybe I’d just try to get in the Grandma’s half through the lottery and make that be the grand finale to my Spring of Half Marathons??  The only thing that makes me nervous about JUST doing half marathons all spring is that then I’m really banking on my BQ time being good enough to get me in.  Do you guys really think it is?  I’m thinking it is, with the whole 5 minute drop down in times.  But I want to be SURE!

4) In the immediate future my plans are a 5k for Meg’s CC team on 10/29 (but there is a very good chance I’ll be hung over, since the training group is doing a celebration the night before).  Otherwise nothing.  I’m thinking of doing a couple months of the Low Heart Rate training, if I could stand it??

Ugggggg.  I need some direction!  Someone tell me what to do!

7 thoughts on “I need a plan!

  1. Have you considered either Fargo or Stillwater?

    I’m a bit partial to Stillwater for I’ve ran it all 3 years but it is a nice course with some challenges.
    Downfall is that it is on Memorial Day weekend. Also all my running friends swear by Fargo and love the flat course.

    1. Yes and yes! But don’t think either will work this year.

      Fargo has more cons than pros, for me.

      Stillwater won’t work because it’s on Memorial Day weekend, which would interfere with family plans.

  2. Run the Wisconsin Marathon with me on May 5! It is a flat and fast course (or so I hear) and the medal is a bottle opener (only in Wisconsin)! 🙂

    1. I looked at that, but it’s too far of a drive (6+ hours) and not sure about flying?

      Have you considered Green Bay Marathon? I was just looking at stuff about that and it looks like a definite possibility. I think that is more like a 4 hour drive. looks like a good PR course.

      If you committed to doing it, it’s make my decision easier!

      1. Green Bay was my first marathon – it is a great, flat course. Perhaps a little boring at points, but it is a fantastic race. Running through Lambeau is pretty awesome too – even if you aren’t a Packer’s fan (which I imagine you are not). The down side is it is just a little later in May and I get suspect of that as it can easily be REALLY hot. I am leaning toward Wisconsin b/c it is a little earlier and I haven’t done it. Let’s talk more b/c I was planning to sign up for Wisconsin today at Chicago since there is a discount and free shirt at the expo! 🙂

        Oh, and to Kristy’s comment, Eugene was spectacular. I would do it again in a heartbeat. But give yourself some time – there is a LOT of travelling to get there.

  3. i 100% think your BQ-2:40 is safe for 2013. as you said, the times dropped by 5 minutes which is going to leave some people out.

    i ran 2 spring marathons so far and they have both sucked, so i’m useless with a recommendation. i heard eugene was pretty good though.

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