Go Away, Negative Thoughts!

Today was a shitty day, filled with imaginary (hopefully!) hamstring tweaks, work stress and life stress.  Topped off with my infamous self-doubt, which I thought I would be able to keep buried this time around, but which started to creep in today when I thought about Sunday.  Uggggg.  I’m doing my best to think positive, push aside the doubts/negative thoughts and focus on other things.  But I’m having a hard time.  Gonna try to rest tonight and hopefully tomorrow and Friday and Saturday will be better days.

6 thoughts on “Go Away, Negative Thoughts!

  1. Lora

    You’re allowed ONE of these days. Today was it. You’re done! Tomorrow’s a new day, and tomorrow you can think about other stuff. Take me, for example. Today I was obsessing about how much I’ve been eating. How heavy I feel. Like your hamstrings, it’s probably more mental than anything else — but if you find yourself thinking negative stuff about you tomorrow, just switch your thinking to the negative stuff about me. 🙂 You’re welcome.

  2. Yes – go away negative thoughts! You’ve got this one, Cindi. You are in great shape and you are ready to rock this course. Get some good rest and visualize your big fat PR/BQ.

  3. stop it!!! snap out of it. you had an amazing training cycle, you are strong…BELIEVE IT! you totally got this. i am so excited for you and will be tracking you (er, stalking you)!

  4. There must have been something in the air yesterday for I and few friends noticed the same thing via Facebook yesterday as well. I went out and ran 4 mile and ended up walking a more than I liked while wondering if I’d make it to mile 5. The negative thoughts keep coming and coming.

    At the end of the run I shrugged it off to the 31 miles I put on my legs the past Saturday. I than made a deal with my legs to take a couple days off with a little 2-3 miler on Saturday before the race.

    I feel a bit more positive today but even though I’m viewing this as a “training run” I’m feeling pressured to have a goal. I suppose it will be something that will come to me a few hours before the race.

    Best of luck to you – I look forward to your celebratory post on Sunday.

    Take Care,

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