Tracking and race outfit!

I spent some time this afternoon organizing for the marathon, laying out my race outfit, gu, throw away clothes, etc.  I still haven’t checked the weather, but I figure tank and shorts (and maybe armwarmers) no matter what the weather is.  I’ll check the weather Friday and modify the outfit then if necessary.

As I was doing it Carter said, “Mom, I thought you said you were never running another marathon again.”

Why, yes, I did say that.  7 other times.  Right after I cross the finish line.

And I’m always back!

If you are interested in tracking, my number is F5392.  Cindi Matt.  The website has online tracking (I think it’s usually pretty accurate) or there is text alerts (I haven’t heard good things about this type of tracking).


Twin Cities Training,Week #13 recap
Miles run: 27.3

Bike: 40 minutes

Pilates: 4 times

  • M: 5.4 miles (8:07 pace) w/ 2x 1.3 mile hill loops fast
  • T: pilates
  • W: 6.1 miles (8:58) w/ 2 miles at MP
  • Th: 5.5 miles w/ 3 x 1 mile intervals (7:33; 7:26; 6:52)
  • F: bike 40 minutes
  • Sa: 10.4 miles (8:26)
  • Su: pilates


I have my race strategy all thought out.  I’m really excited, confident and ready!  Hope this week goes fast!


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