Today was interval workout.  The training group is doing it tomorrow, but I’m going to DC, so I got it done bright and early today, by myself.  Old school (for me) – around the neighborhood on the roads instead of on a track.

The workout was supposed to be 3 x (4 x400m).  With 1 minute rest between intervals, 2 minutes rest after 1st set and 3 minutes rest after 2nd set.  My time goals were supposed to be 1:45 for each interval set 1, 1:40 for each interval in set 2 and 1:35 for each interval in set 3.

I found it hard to pace myself today.  1:45 felt awkward and too slow.  By the end when I was trying to go 1:30ish (because I had done the others too fast, so I tried to do the last set faster), that felt too fast/hard.  So most of my 12 intervals ended up around 1:35, give or take a couple seconds (range was 1:32 – 1:37).  For the most part this pace, 1:35ish, felt good.  Natural.  Right.  I could have done more 400’s at this pace.

Today’s workout surprised me.  It surprised me that my intervals were so consistently at 1:35.  It surprised me that I did better than I was “supposed” to.  It surprised me how much I missed being with the training group during intervals.

But the biggest surprise of the day was hearing that someone else believes I can do this marathon thing at what I once would have thought was an impossible, crazy-fast pace for me.  For the past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking, to myself, that I have faster paces in me  – now – for this marathon.  But I haven’t really let myself believe that I could really do it.  When I hear someone else say that they believe I can do it, it gives me the courage to really believe in myself.  Learning that someone else believes in me was the best thing about the day today!


8 thoughts on “Believe!

  1. Mike of Adelaide, Australia

    I am a born again runner as well. I love it! Although I am aiming to break 1 hour on a 12 km run this Sunday, so I am not quite in the same league as you. “Marathon Runner. Dessert Lover. Wife. Mom. Lawyer. Business Owner. Blogger.” You sound like a super-mom! I’m sure you will get the time you want on your marathon. Good luck and god speed!

  2. Lora

    I believe you have faster times in you. I’ve run with you 🙂
    It’s exciting to see the fun you’re having with all this improvement!

  3. I would say I believe you have faster times in you but you still haven’t spilled your original goals! Are you going to share your goal or are you still going to remain mum for a while. 😀

    I agree that it is great to see you having such a strong training season! Hopefully mother nature will cooperate in 2 weeks and you will have a fabulous race!!

      1. I think you do too. My advice though would be to go out at 3:40 pace and pick it up at 13 miles if you feel really good. I did that in Grand Rapids when I knew I was in great shape, but didn’t know what I really had in me and I didn’t want to completely blow up. I went out at a 3:30 pace and ended up with 3:26. It was by FAR the strongest, best marathon i have ever run. I had a big negative split and finished really strong (AND did not feel like I left anything out there). You could certainly use a race like that! Whatever you do, good luck! I know you will nail this one if mother nature cooperates.

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