Attention Speedsters: Take a Break From Boston This Year!

Is it just me or is anyone else cranky today about Boston Registration?  Everywhere I look today in blogs, twitter and facebook, the speedsters are commenting about how they just registered for Boston.  Uggggg.  Slow down!  Quit registering!  You speedsters have all been there before.  Why not take a break from Boston this year and let those of us who just barely qualified by the seat of our pants have a shot at toeing the line at Hopkinton this year!?  Please?  Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Attention Speedsters: Take a Break From Boston This Year!

  1. Lora

    I wish I could say I feel your pain. 😦 I’d like to at least be able to run the time needed to qualify!
    But I do understand how frustrating today must be for you. I’m sorry! That totally sucks.

  2. I bet (and hope!) you will be able to get in if you are ready at your computer the second you are eligible to register. People are providing their registration numbers on Facebook and some info. It looks like the 20+ minute registration had about 4700 runners and today it people are projecting the 10+ minute folks will only get up to around 10,500 – a long way from the 22K that the race will accept. Is there also a 5+ minute registration period? If so, that may be a bit closer.

    1. mindi – there is also a 5 minute period that is on friday. My guess is that it will fill during that period. IF we can register next week, for those of us who are 5 minutes or less it isn’t a race register situation. Registration will be open all week next week then they take people at the close of regristration based on their race time (fastest first). SO – there is virtually no chance for someone like me that is only 19 seconds under BQ time. If it even gets to next week, my guess is only a few of the people who are like 4 minutes under will make it.

      I hope I’m wrong!

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