Twin Cities Marathon Training, Week #11 recap

Kristy got her BQ today! She was aiming for 3:45 and got 3:43:46!  BQ!  BQ!  BQ!  Congrats!

I am feeling GREAT today.  No residual soreness or tweaks or anything from yesterday’s 20 miles.  I felt like I could run, but I was a good girl and just went on a 35 minute power walk and did pilates.

I really want to get marathon goal nailed down soon so that I can visualize and prepare mentally.  I have a number in mind, just need to talk with coach and figure things out.  I think I’m faster than I think I am, I’m just struggling with going out slower (more in line with my original goal) and kicking it in and maybe arriving close to the faster/new goal, or going out at the faster/new goal pace and maybe not being able to sustain it and then ending up in the same place that I would have if I started out slower.  The difference would likely be in how I feel.  I feel like going out slower then kicking it in and negative splitting would FEEL better.  Ya know?  We’ll see.

Twin Cities Week #11 Recap:

Miles run: 52.2

Cross:  biking 20 minutes; walking 2.5 hours

Weights: 1 time (uggg, wanted to do more but the week slipped away from me!)

Pilates:  4 times (yeah!)

  • M: 10k (7:26 pace; PR baby!); 1.8 miles warm up/cool down
  • T: 5.2 miles (9:19); bike 20 minutes; weights
  • W: 10 miles (8:15); pilates
  • Th: 9 miles (w/ 6x800m and 4x400m); pilates
  • F: pilates
  • Sa: 20 miles (maybe 8:30ish pace?)
  • Su: pilates; power walk

In other exciting news, my daughter told me that you can kind of see a 6 pack on me now.  (And I’m not talking about Bud Light!).  Guess the pilates are paying off.  I’ve also lost about 3 pounds, not necessarily deliberately, just by sort of being back in Operation Spin Dry.

3 more weeks til race day!


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