When will Boston registration close??

Boston (registration) excitement is in the air in blog land and facebook land.  The consensus (based upon my informal viewing of comments, etc.) seems to be that it will close before during the 10 minute under BQ time registration window.    I’m still holding out hope that those of us that are 16 seconds under our BQ time will get in for 2012.  Coach did just talk to us about dreaming big!  🙂

Any of you readers have thoughts on when registration will close?


Today’s speed workout was 9 miles of FUN!  Warm up and cool down along with 6x800m (paces between 3:26 – 3:33), 4x400m (paces between 1:26 – 1:38).  Felt SO good to start the day off with a hard workout.  Love it!


14 years ago today I was in the middle of the hardest workout of my life – having Meghan!

Happy Birthday Meg!

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