Where Have The Years Gone??

SO cliche, but where the heck have the years gone?  It does NOT seem like just 8 years ago Meg was starting kindergarten!  Doesn’t she look sweet?

What’s up with my hair flipping up?  So 2003.

And now she is in HIGHSCHOOL!  (Highschool starts in 8th grade in our school district). Crazy!

Highschool!  And turning 14 on Thursday!

And my baby, Carter, is in 7th grade!

But I have to admit I am LOVING that the kids are back in school and we can get a routine going again.  9:00 bedtime again!  For me too!  Yes! Here’s to a great school year!

And in running news, lots of conversation and thoughts about marathon goals today, which was somewhat scary but mostly exciting.  Working with coach on some key workouts the next two weeks to come up with the right goal pace, but the theme of the day was DREAM BIG.  So fun and exciting!

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