Victory at Victory 10k!

The Victory 10k was a complete VICTORY for me!  A shiny new PR (by about 30 seconds).  46:02 (though I disagree with their results!) 43/219 females (the fasties come out for this race!)  More importantly, this was a race where I gave it everything I had, didn’t let negative thoughts creep in, and let positive thoughts propel me through the finish line.  I loved it!  Oh, and I even got a decent race photo out of it:  Pictures on WK Photography site here.  I’m picture number 39.  The pale one in purple without any lipstick.  But don’t I look determined?  And fast in my lulu tank?  🙂

My goal for the race was originally sub 46:00, since that is what I wanted earlier this summer at what ended up being a disaster 10k (physically and mentally).  But the day before the race, I was thinking about my fitness and decided to make my goal more ambitious, a sub 45:00.  I felt like I was in shape for it and could do it.   Even though I didn’t meet my A goal, according to my garmin I met my original goal (I crossed the line in 45:59; official results say 46:02, but I’ve heard alot of other runners bitching that the results are off; it wasn’t chip timed, it was the punchy thing and you give them your tag in the chute.).  So since it’s only a few seconds, work with me and let’s just say I met my sub 46 goal!

What went right during the race?

  • In the first mile the pounding of all the footsteps started to grate on my nerves.  Instead of letting it irritate me, I turned it around and thought “How cool that there are so many runners out here racing on Labor Day”.  Mental victory!
  • I didn’t go out too fast.  Controlled my pace from the start.
  • At about the 1/2 mile point when it was so crowded, I looked at garmin and realized I was getting too comfortable with the crowd and the pace (too slow for my goal) and so I sped up to my goal pace.
  • When my mile splits were off of the sub 45 pace (which I figured was 7:12, to account for course measuring a tiny bit long when I veer off for water, etc.), I didn’t freak out.  I told myself I was still ok and to remain “slow” so that I don’t overdo it from the start and then end up worse off at the end.  I figured I would throw the hammer down about mile 4 to make up the seconds that each of my miles was off.  Mental victory!
  • At the 5k point I was at 22:35, which is the same as my 5k PR.  So I thought to myself “Self, you are SO speedy, to have this be your split in a 10k, if you were just doing a 5k, you could have totally busted butt and gotten sub 22!”  This motivated and encouraged me.
  • I used mantras to keep me going miles 4 – end.  Since I just read Running The Edge and loved it, my mantra this time was “You are a distance maven.  Running 10k is EASY compared to the marathon.  You can do this.”  Kept telling myself this.  And it kept the negative thoughts that usually rear their head from creeping in.  Mental victory!
  • When I couldn’t quite hammer it down in mile 4 and 5 like I had planned, I didn’t give up.  I still thought that by some miracle I may find my legs and some energy and that sub 45 was still possible.  I also told myself even if sub 45 wasn’t in the books, a PR for sure was.  Mental victory!
  • The last mile was tough.  I slowed down to 7:40 pace at about 5.5 miles.  I told myself I would be pissed to see that much of a slow down in my splits and to kick it in so the splits didn’t look so horrible.  And I did.  Ended up with last mile being 7:27, which means I really must have kicked it in during that last 1/2 mile of mile 6 to get it there.  Mental victory!
  • Last .2 (.26 actually) I was exhausted but told myself not to give up, to finish strong, to hang in there.  6:55 pace.  Woot!  Mental victory!
  • My splits:  7:17; 7:19; 7:29; 7:19; 7:19; 7:27; 1:48 (6:55 pace)

I am SO satisfied, motivated and encouraged by both my physical performance (Daniels says this translates to a 1:41:30ish HM and a 3:31:30ish marathon; Holy crap!) and my mental performance.  This whole new training thing with the coach and group has REALLY improved things for me!

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