Thursday Thoughts – Last Week of Summer Vacation Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • I like all-out speed workouts better than ones where we try to run a certain controlled pace.  I feel like it’s more of a workout, ya know?  This morning’s speed (all out, with goal to make second ladder within 4 seconds of 1st ladder set): 1 mile (6:54), 800 (3:11), 400 (1:30), 400 (1:28), 800 (3;13), 1 mile (6:57) all out.  Felt hard, but do-able.  Love it!
  • This morning’s speed workout was the first one in almost a month where I didn’t feel like I need to hold back or be cautious at all because of the hammy.  SO thankful!
  • Went to high school orientation with Meg last night.  Yikes!  She’s ready for this.  I’m not!
  • When I was running on my own, I felt like garmin and the pace I “should be” running held me back a bit.  With the group it definitely pushes me, but I feel like maybe the place that I/coach/the others think I “should be” is also holding me back a bit.  Does that make sense?  There seems to be a pecking order in terms of who “should be” fast and we all line up in that order and sort of go with it.  I’m not gonna let it limit me.  If I feel like I can keep up, or even go ahead of, someone who “should be” faster than me, I’m gonna go with it.
  • I am SO ready for the last long weekend of the summer.
  • My exciting work news:  I hired an attorney!  Lots of craziness going on with getting things in place for her to start at the end of the month!

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