Welcome back medium-long mid-week run!

Oh medium long mid-week run, how I’ve missed you!  With my hamstring issue it’s been too long since I’ve been able to experience double digits in the middle of a work week.  But you are finally back, and I’m loving it!

You make me feel SO fit and strong and energized, which makes the work day SO much more manageable! 

You give me miles and miles of time to sort through the million and one things that are going on in my life that need sorting through.

You give me the opportunity to practice my visualization techniques and think about finding The Mental Edge for the marathon.

You give me time to make a mental to-do list for the day (which is SO needed in this crazy time of year with all the back-to-school stuff!).

You allow me to experience the transition from running in darkness to slowly seeing the sunrise in all it’s pinks, purples and oranges.

You build my endurance and mental confidence, which I KNOW will help me get through 26.2 miles.

Mostly, you make me feel so thankful and amazed that I am able to run double digit miles before most of the working world has even pressed their snooze button.

Thank you, medium long mid-week run, for all that you do for me!

One thought on “Welcome back medium-long mid-week run!

  1. I adore the medium long run, too!

    It’s awesome to have accomplished so much on a random weekday! I’m glad to hear the hammy is being good 🙂

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