Kicking off the work week!

I LOVE starting my work week off with a good workout!  One thing I didn’t like about the Pfitz plans when I followed them is that he started with Monday as a rest day (presumably because the long run was Sunday?).  I always modified that and did a run of some sort on Monday.  It just makes the week feel more do-able when I start off with some miles.

7 miles with the group this morning, with 4 x .25 hill repeats and a couple marathon pace miles towards the end.  I love when the MP miles FEEL like MP but end up being faster (8:09; 7:48).   I felt like I could have kept going at that pace for much longer.  Yipee!

60 and sunny on the way in to work.  There were so many runners and walkers and bikers out this morning when I was driving in to work.  Made me want to pull over, do a quick change in the car and run some more!  Trying to continue being a good trainee though and only run the miles that I’m told.  Days like this make it hard!

Oh – another random thought.  I was shopping at Lulu with my almost 14 year old daughter yesterday.  We both tried on yoga pants.  I’m thinking of taking up yoga (ha!) just because the pants are so cute and comfy!  I did end up buying a pair because Meg convinced me  that maybe they would “help with your butt situation, because your butt is flat, but it’s big this way” (holding her hands out really wide).  Nice!

4 thoughts on “Kicking off the work week!

  1. ha! kids don’t hold back do they?!?!

    which yoga pants did you get at lulu? i LOVE lulu and could probably spend my entire paycheck there. and they always are coming out with new stuff.

    it beautiful in philly too! too bad i’m tapering 😦

    1. I think they were called the astro pants. Meg got the same kind. I was gonna post a picture of both our butts in them, but thought better of it. 🙂

      I can’t believe your marathon is 13 days!! You are SO gonna rock it!

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