Now you, too, can have Ice Ice Baby in your mind!  Misery loves company!

Today is filled with RICE!  Not the Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation kind from an injury (although I am doing a bunch of those things just from long run recovery). Unfortunately the RICE that I’m talking about is the long grain kind.  I’m looking at a bowl filled with it now.  And buried in the RICE is my iphone.  I started the day off by somehow managing to knock it in the sink at Caribou while I was washing my hands and it got soaked for about 5 seconds.  Ugggg.  Apparently rice drys it out.  I HATE being without my phone!  I like instant texts and email and twitter right at my fingertips!

Today’s long run was a mixed bag for me.  Mostly good, but some not so good.  21 miles at 8:36 pace (though since we were running with a group we stopped a bunch and I didn’t time those; I just timed actual running time).

The good:

  • 21 miles at 8:36 pace!
  • NO right hamstring issues.  No tweaks.  No tightness.  No nothing!  Woot!  I can’t tell you how happy this makes me!
  • My heart rate was lower than normal.  I haven’t been wearing my heart rate monitor very much this year, but decided to wear it today to check where things sat.  It’s hard to tell for sure, since we stopped so many times (which of course means it went down), but in general it seems quite a bit lower than my normal.  Good sign that I’m improving physically, so hopefully MP on race day will seem easier than when I’ve attempted it in previous marathons.
  • The group was fun and motivating.  I know I wouldn’t have had as strong of a run as I did if I had been running on my own.
  • From miles 13 – 19 coach wanted us to pick up the pace a bit and gradually drop it.  We did (8:28, 8:31, 8:27, 8:18, 8:20, 8:14, 8:25).  Before that my paces had been more 8:38 – 8:48ish range, with some random higher and lower paces.
  • Despite my irritable/possessed feeling and negative thoughts (see The Bad below), I think it was good that I didn’t actually slow down in this period.  I forced myself  to stay with Coach and R.  And I DO think this shows improvement of my mental game, because at the beginning of this training cycle I would have (and did) drop back instead of gutting it out.

The bad:

  • I didn’t fuel right, which I think was a big contributor to the other bad points (below).  I realized when I got home that I still had a GU left, which means I didn’t take in enough.  I had a GU 15 minutes before the run, Gu at mile 4, clif shot blocks at mile 9 and another GU at about mile 14.5.  Probably about 2 handhelds of water.  I don’t think that last GU was enough to get me through the last 6.5 miles, when they were the faster/harder miles.
  • I started feeling sick in my stomach and throat – kind of like I was gonna puke – during mile 16.5 – 17.  I did manage to push aside any thoughts of stopping/slowing and pushed forward.  But I was SO looking forward to the point where we were to turn off and then take the last few miles easy.
  • Coach came back to our group around mile 17.5 to run with us towards what was supposed to be the end of the speedy miles (he was zipping back and forth between the speedsters and us during the whole run).  He asked if I had enough in me to make it to Cedar, about 1/4 mile, then we could back off the pace.  Yes, I did.  But then when we got to Cedar, he didn’t really back off the pace.  I had SO been mentally and physically looking forward to slowing down.  But I didn’t want to be a wimp and slow down.  So I forced myself to keep up with him and one other girl.  Then the other girl started asking about what sort of mantras he used to keep going – so he started talking about “Dig Deep” and the one Kara Goucher uses, “Fighter”, etc.  I was trying to listen and do these very things, since I was pretty much fried at that point.  But, truthfully, I was thinking “Just shut the F up and go catch up with one of the other groups so I can slow down.  You promised we could slow down and I want to do it dammit.  Leave!”  I was feeling really crabby and evil and mean and sickish.  It was weird – I only actually remember feeling that way one other time while I was running (Twin Cities one year when I had a blow up – of course – and the crowd around St. Thomas was SO loud and irritating with their cow bells and screaming that I wanted to scream back at them to shut up).  It’s like I was possessed.  Actually, it sort of reminded me of childbirth – where you really love your husband, but you are in such a painful, irritable state that you just want to scream at whatever he does.  At least I kept my irritable thoughts to myself and didn’t actually start screaming at Coach!
  • The second coach did leave us to go back to a couple people who had fallen behind (when we had about 1 mile to go), we slowed down to about a 9;30.  I mentally and physically gave up.  And then he came zipping by us and told us to try to pick it up.  We did manage to finish that mile in 8:44, which means we really must have picked up the pace to bring it down from 9:30 to end at 8:44.  So I just need to figure out a way to make myself stay with it when I don’t physically have coach there to drag my tired butt along.  Ideas??
  • When we got back to the club I felt really really icky.  I had to leave the water area and go find a chair and sit down by myself for a minute because things started feeling black and closing in like I was going to pass out.  It passed once I had water in me.  Weird.  I think in addition to 1 GU too few, I should have had more water (at the last water fountain I filled up with water and put a tropical flavor nuun in it; I’ve never had that flavor and it was HORRIBLE and reminded me of a bad fruity alcoholic drink.  So I didn’t really drink more than a sip or 2 of water the last 4 miles).

In general I think this run was more good than bad.  I learned some things, and that’s what matters and what will help me on Oct 2nd.

Recovery today has been filled with:  an ice bath, an advil, compression socks and compression shorts, a 2 hour nap, and a nutter butter blizzard!

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