Thursday Thoughts – State Fair edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • Minnesota State Fair starts today.  We’re not going until the last day (when we’re seeing Maroon 5 and Train!  Yeah!).  BUT, my mouth is already watering for Sweet Martha’s cookies and a White Razzie Puppie (new this year: White-chocolate-stuffed Belgian waffle dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled with raspberry sauce).  Yum!
  • Track workout today was fun.  3 x 1 miles at 10k pace, with first lap a bit slower, then getting progressively faster on each lap to work on closing pace.  Then 1 mile of 100m fast, 100m recover.  Repeat.  I was a little nervous about how the hammy would react to the speed, but it was totally fine. SO relieved.
  • Meg is on a training trip with her cross country team.  3 days/2 nights in St. Cloud, with 2 or 3 workouts a day, good eats, fun times in hotel and team bonding. I want to do that!  Would it be weird if I suggest to coach that we go on a group training trip?!  If only this life and job thing would quit interfering with my running!
  • I signed up for a 10k on Labor Day.  The Victory 10k.  Let’s hope this one is better than my Heart of the Summer 10k pacing disaster!
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