Mini Donuts and My Creaky Body!

Operation Spin Dry is not going so well this week.  Twins game with some friends last night.  I was going to be good because there was a tempo run on the schedule for early this morning.  But at the end of the day we got an email that Coach had flipped around the schedule and we were just supposed to do cross training or pilates or similar.  No running.  Dang!  There went my excuse to be good.  So I ended up having 3 beers and the most delicious tasting mini donuts ever.  Seriously.  Better than the State Fair mini donuts.  They seemed bigger/fuller than normal mini donuts and much greasier!  Very worth sabotaging Operation Spin Dry for!  Has anyone had the mini donuts at the Twins game?

Holy crap was my body creaky this morning when I did pilates.  Residual effects from Sunday’s race?  Or does the creakiness instantly set in once you hit 40?

Random funny searches that have led people to my blog lately:

  • 4 pares of new shous  (do I really misspell things this badly??)
  • humorous running pictures (really?  And I showed up??)
  • funny leaving work cakes  (ok, I guess I must blog about cake too much!)
  • healthy things to eat at old chicago (ummm, pretty sure you won’t be finding this info on my blog!  But I highly recommend the super unhealthy pepperoni pizza rolls!)
  • best dessert ever (note to self:  start blogging about running more and dessert less!)
  • bar chin ups (sorry that you were curious about how to do these and ended up with pictures of my pathetic attempt at them!)

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