Operation Spin Dry!

After a week and a half of crappy eating and crappy drinking and very little sleep (thanks to friends at our cabin, out of town conference, 40th birthday, 16th anniversary and a wedding!), I am officially starting Operation Spin Dry!   One week of no beer and only 2 treats a day!  I know it’s not realistic for me to commit to more than a week at a time (Remember when I tried cutting out booze for a 3 weeks when I was training for Little Rock?  And how miserably that failed and I only made it for 1 week!).  I also know it’s not realistic to say ZERO treats, since I live for treats.  And since I typically eat 3 or 4 treats a day, cutting back to 2 treats WILL be a big deal!

This past week was fun, but I feel squishy and icky and I know the insane amount of beer (and wine and a martini!) on Friday night at the wedding definitely affected by long run on Sunday.  Plus, I’m racing a half marathon on Sunday!

Wish me luck with Operation Spin Dry!

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6 Responses to Operation Spin Dry!

  1. Julie says:

    Happy belated birthday! Happy Anniversay! Good luck with operation spin:)

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