Twin Cities Marathon Training, Week #7 recap

Twin Cities Marathon week #7 training recap:

Miles run: 38.6

  • M: 2.8 miles (10:18)  major issue with right hamstring forced me to walk/stop
  • T: rest (trying to let hamstring recover)
  • W: 3.8 mile (9:46)  (took it nice & slow; hammy much better but didn’t want to push it)
  • Th:  9 miles (9:26)
  • F: 7.3 miles (9:10) (w/ 4x800m a bit faster than MP)
  • Sa: rest
  • Su: 16 miles (9:15)
This week was all about recovering and healing whatever the F went wrong with my hamstring on Monday.  Totally backed off the paces, took rest days, foam rolled, didn’t do any weights or anything else, skipped the hill workout and modified the speed workout.  The hamstring still feels a bit tight, but not hurt anymore.  Yeah!  Still plan on rolling and babying it this week.
Today’s long run SUCKED.  We had a wedding Friday night and I drank too much, then tried to rehydrate and recover yesterday, but was still exhausted when I woke up (late) this morning.  So I knew the long run would suck, and it did.  To top it off, I picked Baker to run at, so the whole 16 miles was rolling hills.   I haven’t had that crappy of a long run in a long time (the paces got progressively worse, so by the end I was at like 9:45 pace).  It’s done though and I’m happy that the hammy held up ok.
Glad to have survived this week!

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