This weekend brought to you by #16!

This weekend is brought to you by the number 16.

16 years of marriage on Friday!

Dang, we look young.

Wow! 16 years.  That seems like a lot.  Ryan and I met in college and had actually known each other 5 years before marriage, so dating/marriage for 21 years.  That’s approaching a marathon worth of years together!  And like a marathon, we’ve had our ups and downs, but in the end it’s been worth it!  🙂  Especially with these two cuties as a result of our marriage!

16 miles of long run on Sunday!

I’m a bit nervous about the long run.  This week has been challenging with some leg issues cropping up Monday morning and forcing me to rest, cut back the mileage and cut out the speedwork.  Crossing my fingers that I’m good to go for the long run on Sunday (after resting on Saturday)

Here’s to a great weekend filled with celebrating and running!

2 thoughts on “This weekend brought to you by #16!

  1. Lori Druskin Ryan

    We hit 16 years of marriage in a few weeks. And I love how you paralleled distance running with marriage. Some days are more challenging than others. There are times you want to quit, but ultimately you are glad you kept going and didn’t give up. Wishing you continued success with running and marriage.

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