Healthy Eating: Out and About!

Today at Rotary we had someone speak to us as part 2 of a 6 part wellness series.  It was on Healthy Eating:  Out and About.  All kinds of tips on how to eat better when you are out to eat at restaurants or fast food.  Basics:  tell them not to bring rolls or tortilla chips (but that’s my favorite part!); split a meal with someone (or box up 1/2 of it from the get-go); pick red sauce instead of white (but the white is so much better!).  Blah blah blah.  All stuff that I know, but never do.

So, here is (literally!) Monday’s food intake:

Breakfast:  bran muffin and a sugar donut and coffee

Lunch:  Medium nutter butter blizzard (I skipped the lunch and went back to hotel and hit DQ on the way back)

Late afternoon Happy Hour:  3 mich golden draft lights

Pre-dinnner drinks/apps:  2 small slices of pizza, about 8 crackers, 2 bud lights (or maybe 3??)

Late Dinner:  5 pepperroni pizza rolls from old chicago (Damn, those things are GOOD and YES I ate the whole plate to myself); 3 honey weiss and an ice water (I just remembered at the end of the day that I should hydrate).

Looks like the Healthy Eating seminar should have come last week!

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