Fish! And Twin Cities Marathon Training, Week #6

Day off of running today, so we did a fun fishing launch on Mille Lacs and now I’m in Duluth for a conference (a/k/a two days of eating too much food and drinking too much beer, while attending a few classses!) until Tuesday.   Do you notice that I’m not actually touching the fish in the picture?!  I don’t touch or eat fish!  Just catch them occasionally.  And no, I don’t put on the bait either.  Ewwwwww.

This week started off worrisome, with a tweaked/hurt groin (from pilates!), but ended up with a strong finish with a 20 miler on Friday, followed by 5 miles of tempo on Saturday (8:27, 7:51, 7:58, 7:56, 8:36).  Coach beleives following some of the long runs with a tempo run on tired legs will be super helpful come race day.  I was surprised how ready my legs felt to run fast on Saturday.  Woot!


Twin Cities Marathon Training, week #6

Miles run: 50.1

Minutes biked:  15

Weights:  just arms – twice

  • M: rest (left groin tweaked)
  • T: 7.1 miles (9:05)
  • W:  8 miles (8:36); arm weights
  • Th: 9.7 miles w/ ladder workout at various race paces
  • F: 20.3 miles (9:01; with last 2 miles at MP)
  • Sa: 5 miles tempo (8:10)
  • Su:  bike 15 minutes; arm weights

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