Bad group runner!

Do you guys buy wine based on how cute the label and name is??!  Good, glad we aren’t the only ones!  How cute is this Middle Sister Drama Queen pinot grigio??  Let’s hope it tastes just as good!


It’s always a relief to get the first 20 miler of a training cycle out of the way.  Even though by now I’ve run what seems like a gazillion 20 milers (but which is probably realistically about 21 – 25 of them.  Wow!), I’m always still a little anxious to get the first one done.  In the past I haven’t given my 20 milers the respect they deserve.  I haven’t fueled or planned or really prepared for 20 MILES, which is a long frickin way to go.  This time around I’m trying to prepare my body the day(s) before long/hard workouts so that I can maximize the benefit of the workout (and so I don’t feel like shit while/after doing the workout).  SO – I drank lots of water and electrolyte filled beverages yesterday.  Ate a bunch of carbs.   Limited myself to two beers at Thirsty Thursday (neighborhood weekly summer gathering) last night.  And got lots of sleep.

So, I was ready for my 20 miles today.  Since I had just done 10 miles yesterday, with speedy fun ladders built in, coach said to be sure to take it easy for most of the run.  I was supposed to try to stay around 9:00 pace until the last 2 miles, then make those at goal MP.

I was running it with 3 other peeps (one for only 11 miles), which is new for me.   I think I suck as a group runner.  I’m selfish.  I’m a bitch.  I worry too much about my pace and not about the others.   I usually look forward to all my runs, but especially my long runs, because they are my me time.  Cindi time.  My therapy.  I usually think through my problems.  Plan my grocery list.  Solve work problems.  Daydream.  But I found that when I ran with the group, I didn’t get any of my Cindi time done.  Which isn’t to say it was bad, it was just different.  I chatted with the running peeps.  Got to know them, their stories, talked running, etc.  Which is good. And different.

Anyway, I feel a little guilty because I think the others wanted to go slower.  I could tell their breathing was labored and, selfish bitch that I am, I just kept on my 9:00/9:10 pace.  Or, I guess maybe you could look at it that I was pushing them.  (I think they were 3:55 – 4:00 and probably 4:15ish marathoners).  Anyway, the thing I feel the most guilty about was it was one of the gal’s first time doing 20 (for her 1st marathon) and she was struggling and needed to drop back, and then walk, and I pulled ahead and just did my own thing.  Selfish.  So not how a group run should be, I’m sure.  But is it bad that I feel like it’s my training and I want to make it count and not walk?  I tried to put myself in her position and if I was struggling, I wouldn’t want to hold others back.  So, I went ahead.  Bad group runner!  But, one of the dudes did stay at her pace and she finished with him.

Ended up with 20.3 miles in 3:03:10.  9:08 pace through mile 17 (with most of the group), then pulled ahead and did 8:38, 8:08, 8:10 and (for the last .3 miles) 7:47 pace.  I felt really strong and could have kept running (not at the fast pace, but more miles at a slow 9:08 pace).  And, the best news is I feel FABULOUS.  No residual effects like I usually feel.  Haven’t needed the recovery socks.   In fact, tonight has been filled with beer, Just Dance II on wii (I have NO moves, but so so fun) and we’re thinking of breaking open the bottle of Middle Sister Wine!

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