Loved today’s speed workout.  The emphasis wasn’t blazing fast speed, but was instead to work on consistency with several different race paces.

The workout was supposed to be  2 x (1 mile at HM pace; 1200m at 10k pace; 800m at 5k pace; 400m all out).  90 seconds rest between intervals; 4 minutes rest between sets.

The results:

9.7 miles total (with w/u and c/d)

  • 1 mile HM pace (7:39) (7:32)
  • 1200m 10k pace (5:31) (5:33)  (about 7:05 pace; a bit fast for a 10k, I think)
  • 800m 5k pace  (3:25) (3:30)  (about 6:50 pace)
  • 400m all out (1:25) (1:27)  (5:19 and 5:29 pace – holy crap!)
I LOVED this workout.  I actually wish we had done another whole set of these.  They were fun! I liked that it was a reverse ladder.  Getting the longer mileage out of the way first was easier mentally than starting short and building up fast.  I also liked that it started out at the slower race paces.  The second set seemed easier.  After doing the 400m all out, the mile pace (and then all of the others) felt soooo slow.  Weird, because they really aren’t slow.  Also, even though my numbers are a bit off on the 2nd set for the last 3 intervals, I think it is because I was running around a crowd of people that were sort of in my way.  (Excuses, excuses.  I know.  But seriously.)  I did feel like each of these race paces would be do-able for the different races on a perfect day.  Crazy, because I’d have monster PR’s in all of those races if I could actually maintain!  Just need the weather gods to cooperate on race days now.
20 miles bright and early tomorrow morning, so that I can get the long run out of the way and enjoy the weekend.  I’m running it with a girl who is training for her first marathon, so should be fun to motivate her!

3 thoughts on “Whee!

  1. I love reverse ladder workouts. Mentally easier. And I like the pace switch up too. Great pace on all, especially the HM (that would be a pretty awesome time)!

    Have fun on your Friday AM long run, I’ll be out there too! And then of course celebrating with beer on Friday night!

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