Crappy food searches

Searches of the day that landed people on my blog:

  • “Jimmy Johns loaded with sodium”
  • “smores perfect”
Hmmm, maybe I need to blog about running more, and the crappy food I eat a little bit less??  
So, running related highlights:  Something is funky with my left groin.  (That ought to get lots of pervs searching and ending up on my blog! ) Seriously, it got tweaked (hurt, actually) doing pilates scissors kicks on Sunday night.  WTF?  So I skipped my Monday run and was a COMPLETE slug on Monday.  This morning’s run was fine, but something still feels a little tweaked with the groin.  Hoping that the beers and desserts that I ate tonight at the Neighborhood Night Out help heal whatever the issues is.  (Dang, there I go blogging about drinks and treats again!)

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