You Know You’re a Runner When . . .

I totally stole this blog post idea from Kara.  Check out her awesome blog when you have a minute!


You Know You’re a Runner When . . .

You drive up a monster of a hill and make a mental note to yourself to remember this hill for your next round of hill repeats. 

Your main criteria for a hotel when you are traveling is its proximity to running trails or a treadmill.

The family all go out of town leaving you alone for the weekend and you sign up for a 10k.

Your stack of clean clothes (mostly Nike tempo shorts and tanks!) towers over the rest of the family’s stacks.

Most of the books on your book shelf have the word “run” in their titles.

You know that it is exactly 1.37 miles from your driveway into town.

Someone tells you they ran a 3:40 marathon and you immediately know they ran an 8:24 pace  (Ok, maybe this is just me who knows this because I want that 3:40 so badly!)

The first thing that pops into your mind when someone refers to LSD is “Long Slow Distance” and not the psychedelic drug.

The school nurse calls to tell you that you have to pick up your sick child and your first thought isn’t “oh, what’s wrong with my poor child”, it’s “Dang, now how am I going to get my run in today?”.

The hotel fire alarm goes off the night before your 7th marathon and you grab your race bib, garmin and running shoes so you can still make it to the start line if the hotel burns down.  (Ok, I also grabbed my purse and my stuffed bear that I’ve been sleeping with for 33+ years, but still . . .)

Your turn.  How do you know your a runner?!

3 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Runner When . . .

  1. I can relate to all these things minus the purse and stuffed bear. I find myself looking at the odometer on all my drives visualizing 26.2 miles, 31 miles and now 50 miles. I suppose it won’t be to long till I begin to see 100 miles as a distance worth tracking.

    I also have found it difficult to let go a shoes for each has some sort of memory attached to them but once a year I have to bend and throw/donate them. This only provides a great excuse to buy a new pair or two.

    Hope all is well,

  2. I missed this one on my post: You know you’re a runner when you have a special laundry detergent for your running clothes to get the stank out! 🙂

  3. I love the 3:40 marathon one…I feel like I know every average pace in the 8:00 range for the marathon and half marathon!

    When anything comes up to threaten my run (hence why I run at 5AM), I’m immediately annoyed.

    Great post!

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