Heart of Summer 10k

When I realized that The Family was all going to be away Friday/Saturday (even the dog!), I decided to do The Heart of the Summer 10k.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, since I haven’t raced a 10k for ages and I haven’t done any other races recently to gauge my fitness.  Like I blogged about earlier this week though, I FEEL like I’m getting speedier, so I was excited to race this 10k and see where I was, fitness-wise.

My 10k PR is old, but actually a pretty decent PR (not sure what I was doing in 2007 to be in such good shape that Fall!).  It’s 46:55 (7:34 pace) from the Nickel Dickel 10k in September 2007.  I think I’m in better shape now.  I figured if the conditions were good, I could do 46:00 (7:24), or better.  So that was my goal.

The result?  Epic Fail!  49:36 (7:59 pace).

The Bad:

  • It was HOT.  78 and sunny and humid (until the last mile, when it got cloudy).
  • I made strategy mistake from the get go.  I knew it was too hot for my goal time. I know that I am not a good heat runner.  I knew that I should adjust my pace from the start, to take into account the heat.  But I didn’t.  I still went out at sub-46:00 pace.  And it killed me.
  • My splits!  They are the perfect example of what NOT to do in a 10k!  7:26; 7:35;  7:55; 8:04; 8:17; 8:11; 2:09 (7:28 pace)
  • I gave up, mentally, after the 2nd mile.  It was hot and I knew I had started out too fast and so I pulled back, told myself not to bother racing because I had fucked it up already.  Told myself to save the body for the 17 miler tomorrow.  Told myself that I suck and that I was overly ambitious/unrealistic and wasn’t a 46:00 10k’er.
  • I wore the speedy new Mizunos and didn’t love them on the road.  They gave me blisters (my feet were soaking wet at the end from sweat and/or water that I had poured over my head at multiple water stops).

Now, since Coach had said a few weeks ago to look for the positive from races and figure out how to apply that, here you go.

The good:

  • I finished in the Top 100 out of 469 people!  (99, but hey, it’s top 100!)
  • If this race was held on August 9th, I would have been 2nd place female masters!  There WILL be benefits to being The Big 4-0!
  • I was able to do the last mile a bit faster than mile #5 and the last .20 at 7:28 pace (which was just 2 seconds slower than I did my first mile at)
I think the big thing I learned is that I HAVE to adjust my pace in the heat.  I can’t expect to get the same time that I would potentially be able to get in ideal conditions.  I trully think if I had adjusted my pace to a 7:40 from the start that I would have been able to maintain that pace and feel a lot better about the race.
I really do think I could get sub 46:00 on a better weather day.  I’ll keep my eyes out for a 10k in a couple weeks and try it again!
Even though I’m irritated by this 10k, I’m officially done whining about it.   Moving forward!

6 thoughts on “Heart of Summer 10k

  1. You definitely have a sub-46:00 in you! If it makes you feel any better, I couldn’t even sustain marathon pace today. Good decision to back off and save your legs for your 17-miler. I hope it’s cooler by then.

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