Getting speedier?!?

First day with the new speedy shoes – Muzino Wave Precision 13.  They felt fine.  Much lighter feeling than I’m used to.  But they make a noise when I run – I had noticed it and someone from the group commented on it (she said “your shoes click”).  She thought the noise would be from my inserts?  Not sure.  It doesn’t really bother me, but then once she commented on it, it sort of bothered me that I might be bothering people.  Ugggg.

Not sure what the deal is with me, but today’s workout didn’t seem like a good workout to me (as in, it didn’t feel challenging like previous speed workouts).  Maybe I’m getting in better shape.  Maybe it was the break in the heat wave (it was 68 and felt like heaven when we ran this morning).  Not sure.   It was 3×1 mile (with a few minutes break between each), then 2 x 800m.  We were supposed to work on consistency – running each lap at same pace.  Based on the email he had sent out yesterday, I thought I’d be running each mile at 6:40 pace.  And I was fine with that, and looking forward to it.  And thinking it was very do-able.  Then when we got there he said the paces he gave us yesterday were wrong and he said I should be at a 7:03.  Pretty sure that I shot him a dirty look (sorry!).  I had 6:40 in mind and so 7:03 seemed like I would be regressing.  He said he thought that was my pace based on my previous all out mile (which I actually hadn’t done – I wasn’t there that day), but that I could go faster if it felt comfortable.  I did end up settling into a faster pace and was fairly consistent on the splits, though I think I was having to speed up on the last lap too much.  6:51 for 1st mile.  6:48 for 2nd mile.

Then he decided to make us get rid of our garmins, so that we could try to teach our bodies to run by feel and more consistent.  He let us pick a pace that we wanted to do a mile at – whatever we wanted – and he wasn’t going to tell us splits, we’d just have to run by feel and end up at the pace that we had chosen.  I picked 6:50, since I had just run 2 miles at that pace, I figured it was in my mind and I’d be able to do it again.  Ended up too fast at a 6:40.  I did feel like I was going a little faster than 6:50 pace, but I wasn’t sure if that was because I was on my 3rd mile repeat.  Interesting exercise.  I know I am too dependent on garmin and need to learn to not look at it so much and just run on feel.  I’m tempted to ditch my garmin for the 10k I’m doing Saturday.  But you all know how anal I am, and that I won’t end up ditching it!  🙂

So, today’s workout:  8 miles total. 3 x 1 mile (6:51; 6:48; 6:40).  2 x 800 (3:23; 3:19)

After we did the miles he had commented his intent was for us to be running them at about a pace we could sustain in a 10k.  I think those miles I did were too fast for a 10k, for me.  BUT, they have given me a new perspective and some confidence on the numbers I do have in mind for Saturday’s 10k.  Stay tuned!


I did just go back and look at my runningahead log and blog entries.  Maybe I am just getting in better shape (already?).  Because the first workout I did with the group my paces were quite a bit slower than today:  2 mile all out (14:28, so 7:14 mile pace); 3 x 1 mile (6:59; 7:11; 7:23).  And my notes said I felt like that was challenging, but not horrible.  So if today’s workout just felt “fine, but not really challenging”, maybe I’m just getting in better shape!

3 thoughts on “Getting speedier?!?

  1. Hmm, ditching the Garmin for a 10K…not sure if I could do that. Is it chip timed? If so, I would consider it but if not I’d probably keep the Garmin on! I think you are going to pull off a super speedy time for the 10K!!!

    I have been running based on feel for my tempos ever since you told me to just go with it. I just aim to keep them in the comfortably hard range. And my long runs….we all know I run them based on feel!

    Good luck on Saturday!!!

  2. Running without my Garmin is always liberating and I wonder why I don’t do it more often, especially on routes that I know well. I have found it interesting to leave the Garmin at home and run a planned 5 mile route while trying to beat the clock at home. For some reason this “hidden” runner challenges me to push myself beyond what I run with the Garmin on.

    Do this more often and you might surprise yourself and how you can justify a slower pace while your looking at your watch the whole run but when you know you need to be home by a set time the race becomes a race. I do this on my morning runs a lot for I leave at 4:15 and know that I need to be back by 5:00 or I risk running late. My normal 8:30 pace quickly goes to 8 without ever knowing.

    Keep up the good work – I’m sure it will have great dividends in Ocotber.

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