Twin Cities Marathon Training, Week #3 recap

I loved this week of training!  The quality workouts continued AND Coach agreed it was a good idea to increase one of my runs each week for a medium-long run, since I am used to higher mileage.  I’ll still take a couple days off of running each week, but at least the mileage will be a bit higher now.  I also started doing more random core stuff (planks) whenever I have a few extra minutes in front of the tv or whatever.  I’m starting to be able to hold a plank longer/easier, so I can tell the core is getting stronger.

Twin Cities Marathon Training Week #3 Recap:

  • Miles run: 48
  • Biking: 60 minutes
  • Walking: 72 minutes
  • Strength: 2 times
  • Pilates: 3 times
  • M: 8.1 miles (8:24) with 2.8 miles of it a slightly hilly route at tempo (7:50; 7:40; 7:43)
  • T: bike 60 minutes; pilates (advanced); strength
  • W: 11 miles (9:19); pilates (abs)
  • Th: 7.77 miles w/ intervals (7:55) 6×400 and 2 miles of 200m pick up, 200m jog; strength (arms only)
  • F: 15 miles (8:55)
  • Sa: Walk 5 miles
  • Su: 6 miles (9:07, w/ 2 miles at tempo of 7:55); pilates (advanced)
CRAZY hot and humid few days coming up.  Should make for some tough runs!

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